The photographer is a ferryman of representation of the world’s realities. And when this ferryman wants to create a bridge between two seemingly opposite universes (rural/urban), he bets that it is only a question of points of view that simply need to be moved: the parallax.

So how can the small village of Jiulong and megapolis such as Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen be connected? What do they have in common? What are the oppositions that unite them despite everything? And most importantly, what is man’s place in this changing environment?

“At best, one can hope to beget a vague idea of the whole by defining an intimate detail » Lucien Hervé tells us on photography. For me, it was the light, the shadows and the people that allowed me to meet these worlds and make them coexist in a natural union.

It’s what we call Memory.


October 2019

Edition of 6 and 2 artist proofs

Dimensions : 115 x 76 cm